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Threaded headsets - adjusting bearings - Step 1

Threaded headsets: adjusting bearings

You need two spanners to adjust the bearings. The most common size, for 11/8-inch headsets, is 36 mm. Tou may also come across 1-inch headsets, which need a 32 mm spanner, and even the rare 11/2-inch headsets, which need a 40 mm spanner. The adjustable nut is quite narrow, so you will need a special narrow headset spanner. The top nut is wider, so use an adjustable spanner if you only have one headset spanner. ...

Checking and adjusting cones - 1

Checking and adjusting cones

Wheel bearings last longest when they are properly adjusted. The purpose of your hub bearings is to allow your wheel to spin freely as you pedal, while preventing the wheel moving from side to side in the frame. ...

Hubs bearings

Hubs : bearings

Bearings have been around since Roman times and appear in working drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. His design for an early tank featured a device for enabling the gun turret to turn in different directions. He rested the upper part of the structure on a circle of wooden balls that allowed it to turn freely and support the weight (wood isn’t the best bearing material, but is still used in cycle track racing rims). The modern ball bearing pioneer was Sven Wingquist, a visionary Swedish inventor who ...