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Setting up sag - Step 3

Setting up sag

Once you’ve worked out how much travel your bike has, put a small amount of air back in the shock or remount the coil and put in a single turn of preload. ...

Suspension measuring total travel - Step 2

Suspension: measuring total travel

Travel is the total distance your suspension unit can move, from fully extended to fully compressed. More travel means that your shock unit can absorb larger shocks, stretching out the short, sharp impacts so that you can maintain control over your bike. Longer travel allows people to do stuff on bikes that would never have been possible five years ago – jumping off things and onto things, in ways that would previously have resulted in broken bikes and broken bones. ...

Why do all full suspension bikes look different

Why do all full suspension bikes look different

While it’s difficult to categorize full suspension bikes precisely, most fall into one of two broad categories – cantilever and linkage. There are examples of both types that are a dream to ride and others that are a nightmare. ...

Fox Float suspension unit

Rear suspension

Mountain biking – being highly competitive in sporting, technology and commercial terms – boasts as many different rear suspension designs as it does bike companies. And each proud designer knows their beautiful baby blows the others away. While the models differ in detail, it is possible to divide the majority into three types: cantilever, linkage, and URT (unified rear triangle). All three rise and fall in popularity over time. Within each type, there are bikes that have been designed with com...

RockShox Reba - 50- and 100-hour service - Step 12

RockShox Reba: 50- and 100-hour service

All forks respond better to persistent nurturing than intermittent guilt-ridden frenzies. Sadly there isn’t room to include all the popular fork configurations here but this should give you an idea of the kinds of thing that go on inside. We have used the RockShox Reba as an example, since they’re widespread and respond well to attention. ...

Cleaning and lubricating the stanchions - Photo 1

Cleaning and lubricating the stanchions

Wipers are the black rubber rings at the top of the lower legs into which the stanchions disappear. Your forks bob up and down constantly as you ride, and on a muddy day your stanchions will be constantly bombarded with grit. If this grit can work its way down into your seals, it will get dragged up and down by the action of the forks, scouring long vertical grooves in the stanchions, which will allow dirt into your fork and oil out of it. ...