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Threaded headsets - servicing - Step 1

Threaded headsets: servicing

Headsets will thank you for regular servicing. Pick up the bike by the handlebar, and twist it – the bar should move freely, with no crunching noises. ...

Threaded headsets - adjusting bearings - Step 1

Threaded headsets: adjusting bearings

You need two spanners to adjust the bearings. The most common size, for 11/8-inch headsets, is 36 mm. Tou may also come across 1-inch headsets, which need a 32 mm spanner, and even the rare 11/2-inch headsets, which need a 40 mm spanner. The adjustable nut is quite narrow, so you will need a special narrow headset spanner. The top nut is wider, so use an adjustable spanner if you only have one headset spanner. ...