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Troubleshooting bottom bracket - Photo 2

Troubleshooting : bottom bracket

Symptom Cause Solution One crank rocks from side to side, the other is firm Loose crank bolt Tighten crank bolt Both cranks rock from side to side Bottom bracket unit loose in frame Remove both cranks, tighten bottom bracket in frame, replace both cranks Bottom bracket worn out Replace bottom bracket ...

Refitting the bottom bracket - Step 8

Refitting the bottom bracket

Since there are no user-servicable parts inside Shimano bottom bracket cups, this is generally only a job you’d do when replacing the bottom bracket. The bearings are integrated into the cups, you can’t replace them separately. If you’re replacing an old external bottom bracket with another external bottom bracket, this shouldn’t be a daunting task, provided you’ve armed yourself with the correct tools. ...

Internal bottom bracket removal - Step 2

Internal bottom bracket : removal

The key here is remembering that the right-hand cup has a reverse thread, so it undoes backward. This is the same for all mountain bikes and most road bikes. ...

Creaking noises - Step 1

Creaking noises

This kind of noise from the bottom bracket area can spoil a perfectly good ride. Like all creaking sounds, investigate it straight away – bicycles rarely complain unless something is loose, worn or about to snap. If your bicycle has the courtesy to give you warning creaks, it’s worth your time to pay heed. ...