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Headsets - Step 1


Your headset is the pair of bearings at the front of your bike that connects the forks to the frame. It’s an ’out of sight, out of mind’ component, frequently ignored in favour of more glamorous upgrades – but it makes a huge difference to your bike. Incorrect headset adjustment and worn bearings both mean uncertain steering. A tight headset makes your steering feel heavy and wear quickly. A loose headset will rock and shudder as you brake, compromising control. ...

Refitting the bottom bracket - Step 8

Refitting the bottom bracket

Since there are no user-servicable parts inside Shimano bottom bracket cups, this is generally only a job you’d do when replacing the bottom bracket. The bearings are integrated into the cups, you can’t replace them separately. If you’re replacing an old external bottom bracket with another external bottom bracket, this shouldn’t be a daunting task, provided you’ve armed yourself with the correct tools. ...

External bottom brackets - Step 4

External bottom brackets

External bottom brackets have replaced internal (square tapers and splined) versions on higher end models. They are marketed as stiffer, lighter and easier to work on, and fit into standard frame configurations so can be fitted as an upgrade to bikes that currently have square taper or splined bottom brackets. You can’t mix and match between internal and external elements – it’s one or the other, because with external bottom brackets the axle is integrated onto the chainset as a single piece. ...

Internal bottom bracket refitting - Step 3

Internal bottom bracket: refitting

Check the new bottom bracket. The fitting threads are either metal on both sides, or metal one side and plastic the other. Grease the threads that will take a metal thread, but do not grease those that take plastic. All titanium threads need a generous coat of antiseize. ...

Internal bottom bracket removal - Step 2

Internal bottom bracket : removal

The key here is remembering that the right-hand cup has a reverse thread, so it undoes backward. This is the same for all mountain bikes and most road bikes. ...

Internal bottom brackets what size do you need

Internal bottom brackets : what size do you need

With internal bottom brackets, every model of every make of chainset is designed to work with a specific-length bottom bracket, which determines how far out from the frame the chainset sits. If it’s too close, the chainrings will rub on the frame; too far out and the front derailleur will struggle to reach the outer chainring. ...