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' Braids B

Maze o’ Braids

Put a twist on standard braids (literally!) with this fun design. It’s easy to do, but creates an awesomely intricate look. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair straight. Divide the hair into four sections: one front section, one back section, and two middle sections. Draw the hair in the first three sections to the left side of the head. Collect the hair in the back section in a ponytail. 2. Draw out a small section of hair from the right corner of the front section, divide it into thr...

Braided Quartet A

Braided Quartet

Make the most of your straight hair with this smooth design. Increase the volume by affixing a hair wrap at the back and wrapping it with simple braids. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Brush the hair back and gather it in a high ponytail. 2. When wrapping the elastic band around the ponytail, make sure it is quite tight. 3. Affix a long hair wrap around the top of the ponytail to add volume. Hold the hair wrap in place with bobby pins. 4. Bring the ends of the hair wra...