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Servicing calliper brake units (1)

Servicing calliper brake units

Follow these instructions if your calliper brakes clog with road dirt, if the brakelevers stick or if the brake doesn’t return smartly when you release the brake-lever. ...

Fitting new V-brake units (3)

Fitting new V-brake units

V-brake units get very tired if you use them hard. Every time you pull and release the brakes, the units rotate around the pivots, bending then releasing the spring. The pivots and springs won’t last forever, particularly if you ride in muddy or dusty conditions. Simple, single-pivot types (like the Avid units in the pictures, or the Shimano Deore types) tend to last longer than those with a complex multipivot arrangement. ...

Lever modulation

The function of the balance screws

Each V-brake unit has a balance screw. You’ll find it at the bottom of the unit, usually a crosshead bolt but occasionally a small Allen key. The end of each bolt rests on the end of the brake-return spring, so that the spring is forced against the bolt when you squeeze the brake unit towards the rim. ...