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Calliper brakes : fitting cables

Road bike brake blocks won’t be as sharp as V-brakes or disc brakes even when new, so make sure your cables are in good condition for the best possible braking. The back brake in particular has a long cable, and both cables are routed under the bar tape, so they’re forced around tight turns. Once the cables start to deteriorate, you’ll find that the levers become steadily harder to pull, and the brake blocks don’t spring easily back from the rims once you release the levers. Replacing the cab...

Calliper brakes - adjustment (6)

Calliper brakes : adjustment

Calliper brakes are found on road bikes. For best performance, these brakes must be adjusted so that your wheel will run cleanly between the blocks without touching either block. ...

Cantilever brakes

Cantilever brakes

You really don’t see many cantilever brakes on mountain bikes nowadays, though they’re still popular on cyclocross bikes (where they’re not expected to actually stop you, but simply slow you down). They were the forerunners of V-brakes and whilst they’ve both now been surpassed in terms of power and practicality by the disc brake, cantilevers are still to be found on the steeds of those who lovingly restore ’retro’ builds to their former glory – or who just still ride an old bike. ...