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Front calliper brake – Brompton folding bicycle

Servicing calliper brakes

Without mudguards, calliper brakes are right in the line of fire for anything your tyre picks up off the road. Dirt ends up on the pivots that hold your callipers together and stops them moving freely. This is one of those satisfying jobs that looks much harder than it is and makes your bike feel much better as soon as you’ve done it. ...

Calliper brakes : fitting cables

Road bike brake blocks won’t be as sharp as V-brakes or disc brakes even when new, so make sure your cables are in good condition for the best possible braking. The back brake in particular has a long cable, and both cables are routed under the bar tape, so they’re forced around tight turns. Once the cables start to deteriorate, you’ll find that the levers become steadily harder to pull, and the brake blocks don’t spring easily back from the rims once you release the levers. Replacing the cab...

Calliper brakes - adjustment (6)

Calliper brakes : adjustment

Calliper brakes are found on road bikes. For best performance, these brakes must be adjusted so that your wheel will run cleanly between the blocks without touching either block. ...