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refitting the cable to the brake unit

Cantilever brakes : refitting the cable to the brake unit

Once you’ve got the cable attached to the brake lever, and threaded through the outer casing, you’ll need to reconnect the cable to the brake unit. The procedure differs depending on whether you have link wire or a straddle cable. However, once you’ve connected the units, the procedure for adjusting the tension is the same. ...

Cantilever brakes

Cantilever brakes

You really don’t see many cantilever brakes on mountain bikes nowadays, though they’re still popular on cyclocross bikes (where they’re not expected to actually stop you, but simply slow you down). They were the forerunners of V-brakes and whilst they’ve both now been surpassed in terms of power and practicality by the disc brake, cantilevers are still to be found on the steeds of those who lovingly restore ’retro’ builds to their former glory – or who just still ride an old bike. ...

Troubleshooting : V- and cantilever brakes

Symptom Cause Solution Brakes squeak Brake blocks set flat to the rim or with the back of the block touching first “Toe-in” brakes so that the fronts of the brake blocks touch the rims first Rims dirty or contaminated Clean rims with bike wash and nylon scouring pad Brakes don’t stop the bike or don’t stop the bike quickly enough Brake blocks are set too far from the rim Set brake blocks closer Surfaces of brake blocks are contaminated or have picked up debris Remove wheel, pick debris out o...