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A chain box helps keep you and your chain clean

Deep-cleaning your chain

If your chain doesn’t respond to the wipe-down treatment, you must get serious. Dirty, oily chains need degreaser to clean them up. This is strong stuff, so take care not to let it seep into bearings, where it breaks down the grease that keeps things well lubricated and running smoothly. ...

Laziest and best a regular wipe-down

Chain hygiene: regular chain wipe-down

A clean chain shifts neatly, whereas a dirty one shifts sluggishly and wears expensive chunks out of the drivetrain. To find out how clean your chain needs to be, try reading the words stamped on the side plates. If they are legible, the chain is clean enough. If you can’t read them, the chain needs your attention. Ideally, clean your chain little and often – catching it frequently enough to only need a wipe-down. This is both the laziest and the best method – take advantage of this rare combina...