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The World of Breads

Bread baking has its own language. We talk about the flavor and the texture of a finished loaf of bread in the context of its two main parts: the crumb (the interior of the loaf) and the crust (the exterior of the loaf). The crumb constitutes the bulk of the bread and can be either lean and chewy (the result of using just flour, water, salt, and yeast) or enriched so that is has a more luxurious flavor and soft texture (from the addition of dairy, butter, and/or eggs). The crumb can be tight or ...


Breads & Pastries – Part 1

chicken-bastilla Chicken Bastilla This traditional Moroccan festival pie combines sweet and savory ingredients, a classic Middle Eastern technique. The saffron, chicken, eggs, and sweet almonds come together in a delicate balance of flavors and textures. Traditionally, fine warka pastry is used, but phyllo works well. It’s ideal for a picnic. PREP : 40 MINUTES COOK : 1 hour 10 minutes SERVES : 4 3 tablespoons BUTTER 4 sheets of phyllo pastry 2 pinches of sea salt 2 pinches of pepp...