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Step - 1 Changing disc brake pads

Changing disc brake pads

Disc brake pads usually last much longer than V-brake pads. The material in the disc rotor is much harder than the material in the rim, allowing the disc brake pad to be much harder as well. Were you to use the material in the disc brake pad as a rim brake, the rim would wear away in next to no time. The harder material also means that the pad can touch the rotor as the wheel spins without slowing down significantly – so you don’t have to worry about a slight rubbing noise when you spin a wheel ...

Shimano mechanical disc brake calliper

Mechanical disc brakes

Mechanical discs are often thought of as a halfway-house between V-brakes and hydraulic discs. They’re not as powerful as hydraulic brakes, but they’re much cheaper. The simplicity of cables may also be appealing, though hydraulics aren’t any more complicated to maintain. ...

Disc brakes - introduction to rotors

Disc brakes : introduction to rotors

The rotor is the proper name for the disc that gives the disc brake its essential raison d’être. As with calliper mounts, it has taken time for the industry to decide on a standard – four- and five-bolt hubs have been and gone (and in the case of Hope Technology, four and three bolt hubs have come around again) but the sixbolt hub is now the most commonly used. ...

Disc brakes - fitting Post Mount callipers to your bike (1)

Disc brakes : fitting Post Mount callipers to your bike

The Post Mount system was developed by Hayes and is now used widely across the industry. Adaptors are available that will allow you to fit a post mount brake to an IS mount fork or vice versa, so don’t despair if what you have doesn’t seem like it will fit. ...