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Step - 2 Mechanical disc brakes - adjusting Shimano callipers

Mechanical disc brakes: adjusting brake pads for controlled stopping

The pad position will need adjusting after changing a brake cable, after fitting new pads or as the pads become worn. Ideally, the pad position should be set so that you can lock up the wheel by pulling the brake lever halfway to the handle bar. This gives you enough lever movement for precise speed control, without the risk of trapping fingers between lever and bar during emergency stops. ...

Disc brakes - introduction to rotors

Disc brakes : introduction to rotors

The rotor is the proper name for the disc that gives the disc brake its essential raison d’être. As with calliper mounts, it has taken time for the industry to decide on a standard – four- and five-bolt hubs have been and gone (and in the case of Hope Technology, four and three bolt hubs have come around again) but the sixbolt hub is now the most commonly used. ...

Disc brakes - fitting Post Mount callipers to your bike (1)

Disc brakes : fitting Post Mount callipers to your bike

The Post Mount system was developed by Hayes and is now used widely across the industry. Adaptors are available that will allow you to fit a post mount brake to an IS mount fork or vice versa, so don’t despair if what you have doesn’t seem like it will fit. ...

(A) Rear International Standard disc mounts

Disc brakes : fitting International Standard callipers to your bike

International Standard, or IS callipers are bolted to the bike using bolts which pass through the mounts on the frame or fork and then screw into the calliper, which is threaded. The horizontal alignment is adjusted with shims (thin washers) between the frame and the calliper. ...

Disc brakes - the ins and outs of axles

Disc brakes : the ins and outs of axles

Disc brakes are much more powerful than rim brakes and exert their forces in a different way. The braking force can remove any wheel that is not securely clamped within the frame or fork, with potentially lethal consequences. This is obviously something to be avoided at all costs! ...

Servicing calliper brake units (2)

Disc brakes : powerful and reliable braking on demand

Along with suspension systems, disc brakes have been the major source of innovation in bicycles over the last decade. They are now fitted as standard on mountain bikes, some hybrid bikes and, increasingly, cyclocross bikes. ...