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Sew the Double-Time Wrap Skirt A

Double-Time Wrap Skirt

Double your fun with a reversible skirt that is two garments in one. For even more versatility, make one side from a casual fabric for day, and choose a coordinating elegant fabric for the other side. If you want, you can omit the scalloped edge, making this project even quicker to sew. ...

Spring-Loaded Wrap Skirt B

Spring-Loaded Wrap Skirt

I love in-seam pockets. They’re invisible from the outside, but they’re always there when you need them to help keep important items close at hand. This waistband features a feminine gathered panel that’s easy to stitch and still packs a stylish punch. And the appliqué is a simple way to add personality to any skirt, or even breathe new life into an old favorite in your closet. ...

Pocket Change Skirt - 1

Pocket Change Skirt

Drafting bellows pockets may look tricky, but they really only require a few straight lines. You can draft bellows pockets of any size — perfect for pants, skirts, and even handbags. I used buttons as a closure on the pockets shown here, but you can simplify the process by using snaps or even Velcro, or having no closure at all. ...

Wrap Skirt

Sew the Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are ideal first projects for designers of all skill levels. They are the simplest skirt variations to draft and sew, plus they are easy to alter and super fun to embellish. There are no fussy closures like zippers or buttons to worry about, and the fit is forgiving, making the pattern drafting a little less stressful. Although this silhouette sometimes seems a bit retro, it can be updated and made quite chic with modern fabrics and a few stylish design details. A wrap skirt featur...