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How to Make Easy Sandwich Bread

Why this recipe works Many people who might enjoy making homemade sandwich bread (which beats any store- bought loaf) don’t even try because they think it takes most of a day. Not so. It’s true, however, that “quicker” yeasted breads can lack the structure necessary for a satisfactory rise and that their interiors are often coarse. But we found that we could bake soft, well-risen, evencrumbed bread that was perfect for any sandwich without kneading or shaping—and it took just 2 hours to make (wi...


How to Make American Sandwich Bread

Why this recipe works The quintessential American sandwich loaf—tall and domed, with a fine, snowy-white crumb and a light brown crust—is a supermarket staple. Since it’s eaten so often, we wanted to develop a recipe that wasn’t just better than bouncy plastic-wrapped bread, but the best —an impressive loaf that was a worthy base for sandwiches. For this bread’s soft crumb we needed to include a fair amount of fat; we used whole milk for a majority of the liquid and then enriched the dough furth...