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Seams Your Way

Most garment seaming is done with the basic, straight seam, but there are several other types of seams you will enjoy learning. Most seams are stitched with ½"-wide seam allowances, but others require wider seam allowances (such as the flat-felled seam shown). Be sure to decide the type of seams you want to use before you draft your pattern, and keep the necessary seam allowance width in mind. ...

Inside of flat-felled seam

How to Sew A Flat-Felled Seam

A flat-felled seam is a strong, topstitched seam where the raw edges are enclosed. It’s also referred to as a felled seam or a flat fell seam. A true flat-felled seam will be cleanly finished on both sides of the garment. You may also see mock flat-felled seams, which have the appearance of flat-felled seams but are less work to sew. For flat-felled seams, you can choose to have the fell on the right side of your garment, which will have two lines of stitching, or on the inside of your garment, ...