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Blue Skies Backpack - 1

Blue Skies Backpack

This charming, casual backpack is sure to be your favourite accessory on your next shopping expedition or day trip. Completely secure, it cannot be opened when on your back, making it ideal to carry all those valuable essentials safely in busy crowds. The front pocket is handy for any items that you need quick access to on your travels. ...

giant mood board 1

Giant Mood Board

Read any design or decor blog and you’ll know that mood boards are oft used and quite popular. And I say go big or go home! Take a trip to a lumber or hardware store for a piece of fiberboard sheathing and make a stop at a local home decor fabric shop, and you soon will have a great way to organize your next big design project. ...

How to Sew Underlining (1)

How to Sew Underlining

Underlining is a layer of fabric that’s added behind the main garment fabric. It’s different from lining because instead of being sewn separately and attached around the edges, the main fabric and underlining are sewn as one. Underlining is used for sewing sheer fabrics as a backing to prevent transparency. Underlining is also used as support, to add stiffness and structure, or to change the drape of the main fabric. ...