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Fishtail Side Bun A

Fishtail Side Bun

Start by pulling the hair into a side ponytail and Fishtail all the way down. Tie it off with a clear elastic band and then pancake the braid to make it look fuller. Simply wrap your Fishtail toward your face and create an upside down C shape with your braid. Secure with bobby pins as you go, and finish with firm-hold hair spray. ...


Fishtail Chignon

THE LOOK This is an interesting twist on the fishtail braid. Sometimes referred to as a seashell braid, this curving fishtail has a shell-like quality and is a beautiful upstyle for day or night. This style is complicated and is one of the harder looks to master, but the effects are stunning and well worth the practice. fishtail-chignon-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Hard IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSISTANCE NEEDED? Yes ACCESSORIES Jewele...