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French Fishtail A

French Fishtail

You must be familiar with a regular Fishtail Braid to make any sense out of this tutorial. Once you get that, it’ll be easy peasy! 1). Gather a small section of hair. Where you decide to gather this section is where your Fishtail Braid will start. 2). Split the hair into two sections. 3). Holding both sections in your left hand, section off a small piece of hair from the back of the right section with your right hand. 4). Using your left hand, reach over the right s...

French Fishtail Braid A

French Fishtail Braid

THE LOOK This braid is a head-turner. By combining French braiding techniques with the fishtail braid style, you’ll create a stunning herringbone-shaped braid. Once you’ve mastered the regular fishtail braid, you’ll love adding the dynamic herringbone shape to your look. Best suited to long hair or hair without layers, this distinctive braid can be worn straight or curved into a gorgeous chignon. DIFFICULTY LEVEL Hard IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSI...