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Fitting a new cable to the front and rear derailleurs

Fitting a new cable to the front and rear derailleurs

Fit the new cable into your shifters first, using the instructions, then follow these steps to connect the cable to your front or rear derailleur. You’ll need to adjust the cable tension once you’ve fitted the cables. ...

Work the derailleur back and forth

Work the derailleur back and forth

Front derailleur cable tension pulls the cage outwards, shifting your chain onto larger chainrings, but when you release the tension, the derailleur relies on a spring to pull the cage back toward the frame and to pull your chain onto smaller sprockets. If your pivots are dirty or worn, the spring won’t be strong enough to pull back the change and shifts into lower gears will be slow. ...

Fitting a front derailleur - 6

Setting the end-stop screws (Part 2)

Turn the pedals and use the right-hand shifter to move the chain into the largest sprocket at the back. With the cable disconnected, the front derailleur should spring back towards the frame, pulling the chain onto the smallest chainring. If the chain doesn’t drop onto the smallest chainring, you need to adjust the low limit screw (marked ’L’ on the derailleur). ...

Derailleur position is vital for crisp shifting

Front derailleur

The front derailleur lies directly in the firing line of all the dirt and mud that get thrown up off your back wheel, so it occasionally deserves a bit of care and attention. Cheaper front derailleurs don’t last that long. They are the components least resistant to winter, especially if you ride on salted roads. ...