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Half-Up Heart Braid B

Half-Up Heart Braid

Wear your heart in your hair with this romantic braid, a clear favorite for a special anniversary or a Valentine’s Day dinner. Braiding shapes into your hair can be great fun, and they add an extra dimension to ordinary braided styles. After you’ve mastered this heart shape, why not try some shape ideas of your own? DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSISTANCE NEEDED? Yes, but you can do this in your own hair with practic...


Coiled Bun

THE LOOK Inspired by the Topsy Tail hair tool, this style creates an intricate mess of twists and swirls in a bun that sits low on your head or at your neckline. The process of turning the hair inside itself over and over gives the impression of many buns combined into one. This style can be made to look as messy or as neat as you’d like. coiled-bun-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? Yes, you can use extensions for short or fine hair....