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Inserting Magnetic Closures 2

Inserting Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures are a quick and easy way to make closable openings on your bags or pockets. There is no need to be wary of these, as they are so simple to insert. Unlike some, I like to place magnetic closures into the bag opening as the last step. This ensures they will evenly meet each other after taking into account all the seams and the way the completed bag sits. ...

Shopaholic's Shopper - 1

Shopaholic’s Shopper

The true shopaholic loves to go shopping in style, and this gorgeous bag is just the right accessory for her daily shopping needs – everything but the kitchen sink will fit inside! With its generous panelling and sturdy base, it is ideal for trips to the supermarket or farmers' market, and could even double up as the perfect beach bag or project bag! ...

City Nights Clutch (1)

City Nights Clutch

Every girl needs a whole drawer full of chic clutches! I love picking out the perfect clutch to complement my outfit for a fun night out with friends. This eye-catching floral print with its cute crochet flower button makes a bold statement. Mix and match your favourite fabrics to that new outfit to add a splash of colour and fun. ...

Beautiful Blooms Handbag (1)

Beautiful Blooms Handbag

This fabulously floral handbag will sit perfectly on your arm. While it is compact, it still has plenty of room for your wallet, phone and all the other daily necessities. A handy outer pocket is perfect for those essential quick-reach items. It's so practical and pretty, you won’t be able to resist! ...