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Removing the old pads (1)

Disc brakes: changing brake pads

Brake pads must be changed if they’ve worn down to less than a third of their original thickness, so replace them if you only have 0.5mm or less of compound left on the backing pad. You will also need to replace them if they have become contaminated. This could be the result of brake fluid leak, careless lubrication of the drivechain or other environmental factors. ...

Step - 1 Changing disc brake pads

Changing disc brake pads

Disc brake pads usually last much longer than V-brake pads. The material in the disc rotor is much harder than the material in the rim, allowing the disc brake pad to be much harder as well. Were you to use the material in the disc brake pad as a rim brake, the rim would wear away in next to no time. The harder material also means that the pad can touch the rotor as the wheel spins without slowing down significantly – so you don’t have to worry about a slight rubbing noise when you spin a wheel ...