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Dutch Braided Headband - Step by Step A

Dutch Braided Headband

I love this hairstyle because the asymmetrical braid is soft and has such a gorgeous shape! It’s best to start this style with leftover or brushed out 1-inch wand curls. 1. Make a deep side part and begin a regular Dutch French Braid. As you’re braiding, keep the braid close to your head and angle it toward where you want to tie it off. 2. When you hit your ear, angle the braid back and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. You can use the technique behind the Simple Half-Up. a...

Braided Headband A

Braided Headband

THE LOOK Create the perfect hair accessory using your own hair! Two hidden braids taken from behind your ears cross over the top of your head to form a braided headband. This is a delicate-looking braid, but can be remarkably secure. It adds a countryside feel to your look and so is great for a picnic or spending the day outdoors with friends. DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSISTANCE NEEDED? No ACCESSORIES You...