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Crowning Braid

Crowning Braid

THE LOOK A pretty twist on a half-up hairstyle, crowning braids are formed by crossing over two braids at the back of your head. This style is an excellent look for weddings, whether you’re part of the bridal party or a guest. Because all the detail is at the back, a veil or half veil looks beautiful pinned into the braids. This half-up, half-down style looks best with loose layers at the front and bangs left long and unstyled. DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to l...


Dutch Crown Braids

THE LOOK Dutch crown braids create a crown of hair that sits on and over your hairline, and is one of the prettiest ways to wear your hair up. This style is great if you don’t like to show your ears, as you can pull the braids forward to sit over the top of them. Dutch crown braids are formed by making a diagonal part down the back of your head, and two Dutch braids, starting at the part, circle around your head and follow your hairline. Finishing in pigtails at the back, the ends curve ro...