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Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids - Step by Step A

Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids

This is a great style to do on third- or fourth-day hair and when you have loose waves from leftover curls. 1). Split the hair down the center and clip back one of the sides. I like to keep my regular side part on top and just gradually angle it into the center. 2). Take a rather large triangular section from the front. Mine is from about my temples to the end of my part. Separate it into three sections and begin a Dutch French Braid. 3). Dutch French Braid all the way down...

Dutch Braid A

Dutch Braid

THE LOOK Now that you’ve practiced doing a basic braid and a French braid, you can move on to the Dutch braid! This style is really just the reverse of a French braid, and is sometimes called an inside-out braid. Instead of bringing pieces over and into the middle, you bring them under and into the middle so that the braid sits proudly on top. This style suits straight hair, but also looks great in curly hair. DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to long HAIR EXTENS...