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Fishtail Side Bun A

Fishtail Side Bun

Start by pulling the hair into a side ponytail and Fishtail all the way down. Tie it off with a clear elastic band and then pancake the braid to make it look fuller. Simply wrap your Fishtail toward your face and create an upside down C shape with your braid. Secure with bobby pins as you go, and finish with firm-hold hair spray. ...

Fishtail Bun A

Fishtail Bun

1). Split the hair into two sections. Tie each off with a clear elastic band one inch away from your part. 2). Fishtail one of the tails. 3). Pancake it to make it look fuller. 4). Repeat on the other side, and then hide the part by loosening some of the hair above each ponytail. 5). There are a couple different ways you can finish off this Fishtail Bun. The first way is to wrap the tails in a circular direction. One Fishtail goes over and around the other one, and th...

French Fishtail A

French Fishtail

You must be familiar with a regular Fishtail Braid to make any sense out of this tutorial. Once you get that, it’ll be easy peasy! 1). Gather a small section of hair. Where you decide to gather this section is where your Fishtail Braid will start. 2). Split the hair into two sections. 3). Holding both sections in your left hand, section off a small piece of hair from the back of the right section with your right hand. 4). Using your left hand, reach over the right s...


Fishtail Braided Bun

THE LOOK Amp up the texture in your top knot with this fishtail braided bun. This hairstyle works best in long hair, but you can use extensions or padding to add more volume to the finished look. The braid is made up of two fishtail braids that twist around to form a top knot. You can’t really tell that it’s a fishtail braid when it’s finished, but you can see the beautiful herringbone texture of the braid. Fishtail braids are traditionally messy, so be prepared for the bun to be messy too. T...