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Elegance Swept to the Side K

Elegance Swept to the Side

You will need to be familiar with the French Fishtail and the Alternative Braid. Please refer to those tutorials for more in-depth instructions. You want fresh falling curls for this style made from the 1-inch wand tutorial. Make sure to tease your hair to add volume and set the hairstyle with firm hold hair spray to finish it off. 1). Gather the section of hair from your ear to the end of your part and secure it with a clear elastic band. Divide the tail into two sections. These two se...

Sweep Me Sideways B

Sweep Me Sideways

Add body and volume to straight hair with this pretty side braid. The braid protrudes a bit from the head in a technique known as an inside-out French braid. It’s made by passing the left and right sections of hair under the middle section rather than over it. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Rub moisturizing cream on all the hair and then divide it into front and back sections with a part that runs from ear to ear over the crown of the head. Secure the back section in a low ponytail. ...

Sweepingly Seductive B

Sweepingly Seductive

Keep the neck beautifully bare with this romantic hairstyle. It features soft curls that are folded and then tucked at the back of the head. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Divide it into four sections: a triangular section at the bangs; two small sections that extend from the crown of the head over each ear; and one section at the back of the head. 2. Gather the hair at the back of the head in a low ponytail. 3. Draw the hair over one ear towards the back of the head. Make sure the ha...