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Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids - Step by Step A

Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids

This is a great style to do on third- or fourth-day hair and when you have loose waves from leftover curls. 1). Split the hair down the center and clip back one of the sides. I like to keep my regular side part on top and just gradually angle it into the center. 2). Take a rather large triangular section from the front. Mine is from about my temples to the end of my part. Separate it into three sections and begin a Dutch French Braid. 3). Dutch French Braid all the way down...

Dutch French Braid

Dutch French Braid

If you mastered the French Braid this hairstyle will be a cinch! 1. Separate the hair into three sections. Hold the left section in the left hand, the right section in the right hand and the middle section in between your right hands index finger and thumb. 2. Using your left hand, place the left section UNDER the middle section and grab with your right hands index finger and thumb. You’ll need to hold that left piece in your hand and not in your index finger and thumb like in the ...

Double Braids - Step by Step F

Double Braids

Start this hairstyle with leftover 1-inch wand curls. The basic steps are to make a Waterfall Braid on the top section of hair. Then make another Waterfall Braid directly underneath. Secure with bobby pins. 1. An inch or so from the front of your hairline, begin a Waterfall Braid. 2. Drop the bottom piece. 3. Add in new hair and continue braiding. 4. Once you waterfall back and around as far as you’d like to go, finish by doing a three-strand braid with the ends. Secu...