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Lace Braid - Step by Step H

Lace Braid

Basic Steps : Make a one-sided Dutch French Braid and wrap it around to above your ear. Tie it off with clear elastic band and secure the braid to your head with a bobby pin. 1. Start with a deep part. Gather a section of hair from the back of your part and divide it into three sections. 2. Begin a Dutch French Braid. Keep the braid tight and angle it forward, toward your face. Notice that the Dutch French Braid is only an inch or so thick. 3–4. Once you reach your forehead,...

Lace Braid

THE LOOK The lace braid is a half French braid with a delicate scalloped edge. By brushing your hair forward you can create a braided layer of hair that frames your face. The way the long sections come down to meet the braid on your hairline makes this style look like an upside-down waterfall braid. lace-braid-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Medium to long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSISTANCE NEEDED? Yes, but you can do this in your own hair with practi...