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Binding around armhole on Pendrell Blouse

How to Apply Bias Binding

Binding refers to wrapping fabric around the edge of another piece of fabric to finish the edge. The binding is topstitched, edgestitched or slipstitched around the fabric, enclosing the raw edge. Binding is frequently cut on the bias so it can be sewn along curved edges easily. Binding cut on the straight grain can only be used on straight edges. Binding cut on the bias can be used on straight or curved edges. ...

How to make your own bias tape (5)

How to Make Your Own Bias Tape

Bias tape is a continuous strip of fabric that’s cut on the bias. You can buy prepackaged bias tape made from a cotton-polyester blend in a variety of solid colors. It’s usually preshrunk so it can be used right away. You can make bias tape out of any flat fabric from printed cotton to polyester satin. The easiest fabrics to make bias tape from are tightly woven fabrics that press well, such as 100 percent cotton and cotton-polyester blends. Bias tape comes in two varieties: single-fold and doub...