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Thread loop for securing a button

How to Make Thread Loops as Buttonholes

Thread loops are thin loops made of thread used in place of button loops or buttonholes to secure buttons. Thread loops can also refer to loops of thread at the waistline of dresses and blouses used to hold belts in place. ...

Button overlap (2)

How to Calculate A Button Overlap

What if you want to add a button closure to a pattern that doesn’t call for buttons? It’s easy to modify zip-front styles by adding a button overlap to the pattern piece. The button overlap is an extension so that the layers can cross over each other, with a button sewn underneath each buttonhole. ...

How to cut buttonholes (Method 1)

How to make A Machine Buttonhole

Buttonholes are reinforced openings worked in a garment to match up with the buttons. A button on one side of the garment slips through a buttonhole on the other to form the closure. There are three main types of buttonholes: machine buttonholes, hand-worked buttonholes and bound buttonholes. Machine-sewn buttonholes are the fastest and easiest. Hand-worked buttonholes are the slowest and require the most practice to sew successfully. Bound buttonholes require a lot of sewing steps but are profe...

How to sew bound buttonholes (13)

How to sew Bound Buttonholes

Bound buttonholes are buttonholes made with fabric strips. Instead of thread stitched around the opening, the opening is bound with fabric strips. These strips form the opening for buttons to pass through. They’re durable, strong and give your sewing projects a professional look. ...