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Reversible floor mat 1

Reversible floor mat

This reversible mat is perfect for use under pets’ bowls or underfoot in the kitchen. Waterproof oilcloth mats are easy to clean—just wipe off with a damp cloth. Feel free to play with the size; make it bigger or smaller depending on your space and its intended use. Just make the smaller panel 3″ smaller than the desired overall size. ...

How to sew an abutted seam (4)

How to sew an Abutted Seam

An abutted seam is a flat seam used to join two layers of fabric without overlapping them. Instead the two layers are butted close to each other, without either layer going on top of the other. There is no seam allowance in an abutted seam; the two pieces touch along the seam line without overlapping and are sewn together with a zigzag stitch or other type of wide stitch. Seam binding or stay tape can be used to bridge the gap and strengthen the seam at the same time. ...