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Mitred Topstitch Binding 4

Mitred Corners

When binding the edges of a project, you will usually come across some corners. The neatest way to bind your corners is to mitre them. In this book I have used two different methods of binding: standard continuous binding, as used for City Nights Clutch and mitred topstitch binding, as used for Mobile Mummy Changing Bag and Sugar Sweet Shoulder Bag. ...

Sewing Darts 3

Sewing Darts

On some bags you will find a dart marked on the template (see Pattern Pullout Sheet). A dart is a tapered tuck that is sewn into items to give them structure, shape or fullness. ...

Ruffle Duffle 1

Ruffle Duffle

Ruffle Duffle is the perfect overnight or sports bag; highly practical while at the same time being completely cute and girlie. It would make an ideal gift for any special women in your life, from the sporty teen to the jet-setting businesswoman. Or why not make one for a boy? Simply leave out the ruffle and choose some of his favourite masculine prints. ...

Cute Carry-all (1)

Cute Carry-all

Introducing the true bag-a-holic’s bag with room for absolutely everything! This versatile carry-all could be used as an oversized handbag, a project bag or a super stylish changing bag. With a large zipped front pocket and a generous double pocket inside, you can secure any precious items while the main bag remains easily accessible. ...

plastic bag holder 1

Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic bags! We love to hate them, don’t we? Even though they are a nuisance, they can be handy to have around. This useful tube-shaped bag can help to keep them under control. ...