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Casing with drawstring and elastic on Tofino Pants

How to Sew A Bias Tape Casing

A casing is basically a fabric tunnel that holds elastic, boning or a drawstring. It’s created by either two lines of stitching or by a fold and a line of stitching. When the elastic or drawstring is pulled tight, the garment gathers in to fit the curves of the body. A drawstring or belt allows the opening to be tightened or loosened to fit the wearer; elastic allows the garment to stretch and move with the body. Casings can be extensions of the pattern piece. For example, you can thread elas...

How to make your own bias tape (5)

How to Make Your Own Bias Tape

Bias tape is a continuous strip of fabric that’s cut on the bias. You can buy prepackaged bias tape made from a cotton-polyester blend in a variety of solid colors. It’s usually preshrunk so it can be used right away. You can make bias tape out of any flat fabric from printed cotton to polyester satin. The easiest fabrics to make bias tape from are tightly woven fabrics that press well, such as 100 percent cotton and cotton-polyester blends. Bias tape comes in two varieties: single-fold and doub...

Bias pockets on a straight-grain garment, Archer Shirt (Grainline Studio)

Tips for Sewing on The Bias

Bias refers to the bias direction or the diagonal grain of the fabric. Just as the grain line runs parallel to the selvedge, the bias runs at a 45° angle to the straight of grain. Sewing bias-cut garments is challenging, but practice will help you become familiar with the behavior of the bias and how to work with it. Fabric cut on the bias has stretch and more drape. Try pulling on your fabric along the length and then across the width. Unless it has spandex, it won’t stretch very much. Now pull...