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Girlie Show Skirt AA

Girlie Show Skirt

Full Hemline and Gathered Waist The following patternmaking method adds fullness to both the waistline and the hemline. Just as for the basic flared skirt, you slash and spread the bottom of the pattern. However, to create the gathered waistline, you also spread the top edge of the pattern. You will need to tape the pattern to drafting or patternmaking paper as you work. ...

Spot On Wrap Skirt 01

Spot On Wrap Skirt

If you don’t like wearing garments that come all the way up to your true waist, don’t worry, lowering a waistline is an easy alteration that can be completed in a snap. Once you drop the waistline, you can add a wide, contoured waistband and a patch pocket. If you’ve ever tried on garments and found a gap between the small of the back and the garment’s waistband, try this contoured technique for a waistband that is custom-cut to fit yourbody and follow your curves. ...