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Tacking (Basting)

Tacking (Basting)

Tacking (basting) is a sewer's best insurance policy! If you want to make sure that your sewing is straight, particularly when stitching fiddly items together, it is a great idea to tack the pieces together before sewing with your machine. Tacking can also give you much greater control and accuracy than simply pinning your items together. ...

Tailor’s tacks

How to Make Tailor’s Tacks

Tailor’s tacks are thread markings done by hand, to mark darts, circles and other pattern markings. Tailor’s tacks are little tufts of thread, usually in a thread color that contrasts with the fabric color. They are easily visible from both sides of the fabric, are easy to remove and don’t leave a mark! ...

How to Make A Tailor's Ham (4)

How to Press Curves with A Tailor’s Ham

A tailor’s ham is a rounded, stuffed tool shaped like a ham, used for pressing curved areas. The most useful hams are made with one side of wool cloth and the other of cotton. Tailor’s hams are stuffed with sawdust or commercial stuffing to keep their shape. Pair with a seam roll to cover most of your pressing needs. You can buy tailor’s hams, or you can make your own. ...