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Sealed bearing hub service - 5

Sealed bearing hub service

Sealed bearing hubs use a pair of cartridge bearings pressed into the hub in place of the traditional cup-and-cone arrangement. The cartridges are more expensive than ordinary ball bearings, but the advantage of this set-up is that the cartridge unit consists of both the bearing and the bearing surface – replacing the cartridge means that you’ve effectively got a new hub. ...

Hubs bearings

Hubs : bearings

Bearings have been around since Roman times and appear in working drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. His design for an early tank featured a device for enabling the gun turret to turn in different directions. He rested the upper part of the structure on a circle of wooden balls that allowed it to turn freely and support the weight (wood isn’t the best bearing material, but is still used in cycle track racing rims). The modern ball bearing pioneer was Sven Wingquist, a visionary Swedish inventor who ...