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Removing hub gear wheels - Step 2

Removing hub gear wheels

Hub gears often make people particularly nervous about the possibility of having a rear wheel puncture. Follow the instructions below and you needn’t worry. ...

Adjusting hub gears - Step - 1

Adjusting hub gears

Keeping hub gears adjusted correctly is the single most important piece of maintenance you can do to them. You’ll most likely feel it if the adjustment starts to drift out and your bike may even take it upon itself to start shifting randomly when you least expect it. Be alert for any changes in the quality of your shifting and re-adjust sooner rather than later. Badly adjusted hubs will wear very quickly, requiring the replacement of expensive internals. ...

Hub gears - 2

Hub gears

Hub gears have gone through all the highs and lows of fashion during the last few decades. There was a time when they were the only sensible choice for town bikes, propelling deliveries, shoppers and tourers alike. The unquestioned favourite choice was the Sturmey Archer three-speed hub, which could be relied upon to work fine for years under a regime of neglect and would last for decades if an occasional teaspoon of 3-in-1 was poured into the oil port on the hub. ...