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T House Interior Design E

T House

The three masses of the house run longitudinally along the length of the site, ending with a fourth, transverse volume at the back. The main organizing element—located in the first, central mass—is a double-height gallery/living space that connects the other three volumes and provides the main horizontal circulation. From this tall, open box extend three staircases connecting the three levels of the house. The second mass, located to the left of the central, open box, contains a bedroom on the f...

Setiadharma House Interior Design A

Setiadharma House

A dark-stained pergola projecting from a bold wood-clad box leads to the garage door but also diffuses sunlight and protects visitors from rain. The steps between the pillars take visitors along a short glass passage to the entrance. The wood-clad box houses a study on the first level and a bedroom on the second. ...