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American Smocking

American smocking is worked entirely on the reverse of the fabric and creates a dense puckered design on the front of the fabric. Traditionally the design is marked out as a series of dots, but a grid is much more effective. Material and Design Notes Almost any weight of fabric can be used, but fine fabrics may collapse too easily; this can be remedied by using plain or grid iron-on interfacing to stiffen the fabric. Thick fabrics should be stitched using a large, widely-spaced grid, whil...

English smocking H

English smocking

Traditional English smocking, as seen in farming smocks, is created with a series of fine gathers over which embroidery stitches are worked, before the preparatory gathering stitches are removed. Material and Design Notes There are many different stitches that can be used for English Smocking such as cable, herringbone and trellis, but the basic preparatory technique is the same. An evenly woven fabric such as linen or cotton is easiest to use. It will hold the gathers nicely, and it shou...