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Whipstitch to close zipper tape

How to Sew A Whipstitch

A whipstitch is a quick hand stitch that is used to “whip” two edges together. This stitch is visible, so it’s usually done on the inside of the garment or other places where it will not show from the right side. ...

How to Understitch A Facing (1)

How to Understitch A Facing

Understitching is a row of stitching on the inside edge of a garment, usually a facing, sewn to keep the seam rolled to the inside of the garment. Understitching is never visible from the right side of the garment. Unlike basting, understitching is permanent. Understitching seems like a step you could skip, and just press the garment instead, but it makes a world of difference to the crispness of your edges. ...


How to Slipstitch

A slipstitch is a nearly invisible hand stitch, often used when there’s a folded edge to sew invisibly in place. You’ll see this stitch used for hemming as well. ...

Padstitching on hair canvas

How to Work with Hair Canvas

Hair canvas is a type of interfacing that is springy, strong and resilient. In the past it was made from horsehair or goat’s hair, but these days most hair canvas is made from synthetic materials. It’s used for tailoring and creating shaping in a tailored garment. It’s a bit expensive, so it’s traditionally used sparingly in the most important parts of a garment: collars, lapels and hems. When you fold hair canvas, it forms a soft roll instead of a crease, making it perfect for collars, lapels a...

How to catchstitch (2)

How to Catchstitch

A catchstitch is a hand stitch that’s most frequently used for hemming or catchstitching facings to underlining. It’s a lightweight, fairly fast hemming stitch with a little bit of stretch. This type of stitch is nearly invisible on the right side of your garment and will look like a series of little Xs on the inside of the hem. It’s called “catchstitch” because you’re “catching” just a thread or two of the fabric as you sew. ...