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Specific lotions bike

Potions and lotions “Specific lotions” – part 3

Specific lotions As with your toolkit, start with a stock of essential consumables and build up as you tackle specialist jobs. Disc brake fluid. Use only the fluid specified for your brake system. DOT fluid, an autoparts trade standard, deteriorates once the bottle has been opened so buy in small amounts and open as you need it. ...

Lubricant and grease bike

Potions and lotions “Lubricant and grease” – part 2

This is an absolute essential. Everybody has a favourite type: with me it’s Finish Line Cross-Country. Ask the mechanics in your local bike shop what they use. Different lubes work in different climates. If you ride in a very wet and muddy place, you’ll need a different lube from someone that rides in hot, dry climates. A dry climate requires a dry lubricant, to keep the drivetrain running smoothly while attracting minimal muck. In muddy, wet conditions you need a wet lube. These are stickier so...