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French Braided Topknot

French Braided Topknot

Braiding upside down is always a little bit tricky. It took me good while to really nail it. I suggest going very slow and saying the steps out loud. It’ll help you remember what you’re doing and what step you’re on while calming down those confused little fingers! You can do it. Practice, practice, practice!! 1. Pull half the hair up in a high topknot. I used the Fast Messy Bun. 2. Flip the hair upside down. If you have a ton of flyaways, now would be a good time to give them a ...

Braided Knot Buns

Braided Knot Buns

THE LOOK A braided variation on the classic French twist, this row of mini braided buns creates a knotted effect down the back of your head. This style looks complicated, but it’s not that difficult to do. Working in small, separate sections is key to managing this intriguing style. This updo is made up of four stacked ponytails, one on top of the other at the back of your head, and each bun is independent of each other. You only need to know how to do a basic braid to create this hairstyle....


Top Knot with Braid

THE LOOK Take your top knot to the next level and let your hair be your accessory in this look. For this style you simply wind a braid around the base of your high bun. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can start with a top knot or donut bun, and leave a section out to braid around the bun base. This technique offers a simple way to dress up a regular, everyday bun. top-knot-with-braid-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEE...


Braided Top Bun

THE LOOK The braided top bun is a great way to stand out in a crowd. It’s an excellent style if you have long hair and don’t quite know what to do with it all. The extra height you get from this style is subtle yet still has a big impact, and for that reason it’s perfect for a networking event or if you’re out with tall friends! braided-top-bun-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No, but you can use a ponytail extension to create a ful...