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The Bottom Line

The hem is typically the last thing you sew on your garment, but it needs to be considered long before you make the first stitch. Select the most appropriate hem treatment based on your fabric and garment silhouette, then allow for enough fabric at the bottom when you draft the skirt. To figure out where to place the hem once you’ve sewn your skirt, simply try it on and let the fabric hang on your body. Then mark on the skirt where you would like the hem to end. You can do this with any tempo...

How to sew a narrow hem (1)

How to Sew A Narrow Hem

A narrow hem is a thin hem that’s turned twice and stitched in place. Also referred to as a rolled hem, it’s subtle and small, hardly noticeable on the garment. Narrow hems don’t add weight to the hemline, making them suitable for sheer and lightweight garments. They’re tidy, neat and professional and look good on both the right and wrong sides of the fabric. ...