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Tirtawisata House B

Tirtawisata House

Tall “fountain” grass not only masks the structure of the garage below it and the reflecting pool in front of the terrace but also filters views into the living room and enlivens the monochromatic paintwork on the exterior. Halfway through building a house mimicking the so-called Mediterranean style popular among the upper middle class of Jakarta, house owner Dharma Tirtawisata met architect Antony Liu. Impressed by Liu’s modernist architectural designs, he asked the architect to reconfigure ...

Inke Gallery House K

Inke Gallery House

A “floating” staircase of concrete steps with wood treads cantilevered from the structural wall leads from the gallery on the second floor to another gallery on the third. The unfinished quality of the walls and stairs harmonizes beautifuly with the pottery on display on the wooden table below. ...

Ab House Interior Design A

Ab House Interior Design

The main volume of the AB House is set back towards the steep slope of the mountain to maximize views of the valley. The public entrance to the house is via a set of stairs parallel to the face of the house, which lead down to a plaza. At the top of the plaza, a ... ...

Jane House Interior Design N

Jane House Interior Design

Set against a translucent glass wall backdrop, a white cloth-clad reproduction of Mies van der Rohe’s famous Barcelona chair, an elegant wooden table reminiscent of a Chinese ceramic drum stool, and a dramatic painting of a tattooed man by Agus Suwage make an impact in the entrance foyer of the house. When planning this dwelling for a young couple with contrasting personalities and interests, the architect decided to reflect their dual natures in the façades of the house. The front façade bas...

T House Interior Design E

T House

The three masses of the house run longitudinally along the length of the site, ending with a fourth, transverse volume at the back. The main organizing element—located in the first, central mass—is a double-height gallery/living space that connects the other three volumes and provides the main horizontal circulation. From this tall, open box extend three staircases connecting the three levels of the house. The second mass, located to the left of the central, open box, contains a bedroom on the f...

Antonio House A

Antonio House

Slender, flattened round arches, sometimes misleadingly called tudor, define the house of Ramon Antonio. Rows of these, opening like palm trees, make up the windows; large arches with narrow, stylized columns form the doors. They give the house a dignified, but relaxed, feel. They also say something about the owner's artistic orientation. Drawn to Latin Europe, he travels regularly to Italy and loves Paris and Barcelona. But he equally fond of East Asia and takes his rows of colonial arches from...