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Double-welt pocket

Pocket bag inside welt pocket

Welt pockets have a narrow rectangular bound opening on the surface and the pocket bag hidden on the inside. Welt pockets can be single-welt pockets, with one strip of fabric binding the opening, or double-welt pockets, which have two strips binding the opening and look like a large bound buttonhole. In fact, they are sewn nearly the same way, with the addition of a pocket bag. This is an advanced type of pocket construction. As with bound buttonholes, practice will help you master the technique...

Patch pocket on inside of Minoru Jacke

How to make Patch Pockets

Patch pockets are pockets sewn to the surface of a garment, like a patch. Generally they are applied like a patch, with stitching around the edges, but they can also be sewn on invisibly by hand. Patch pockets can be any shape. They are easy to sew and only require one piece of fabric! If your pattern doesn’t have patch pockets included, it’s very easy to add your own. ...