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Cinnamon Bun Sweetie B

Cinnamon Bun Sweetie

This cute quintet of twirls resembles a super serving of cinnamon buns—and is just as sweet! It’s a fabulous and fun way of giving straight hair a bit of a twirl. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Gather a section of hair immediately above the left ear that extends from the hairline to just behind the ear. Twist all of this hair tightly inwards, keeping the twist close to the scalp. Keep in mind that you’ll be dividing the hair into five sections like this. 2. Draw another section o...

Princess and Pearls Hairstyles B

Princess and Pearls

For a bridesmaid who wants a touch of sophistication, this hairstyle is a dream come true. Increase the elegance by dressing it up with a strand of pretty pearls. 1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Mist with holding spray to ensure the style holds better. Divide the hair into front and back sections by making a part over the top of the head and towards the back, from one ear to the other. 2. Gather the hair at the back of the head in a ponytail. 3. Divide the hair at the front o...