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Shimano Shadow derailleur

Servicing the rear derailleur

The rear derailleur does all the shifting work and dangles down close to the ground getting caught on twigs and picking up debris. It’s also the part that your bike lands on first if you crash on your right-hand side or drop the bike. If you have time to think when you’re crashing, drop the bike on the left – it’s far cheaper! ...

Shadow rear derailleur

Rear derailleur varieties

There is a slightly bewildering array of derailleur options available, not all of which are intercompatible. Even when you’ve decided how much money you’re going to spend, it can take some thinking to work out exactly what you need. ...

The best methods of adjusting the rear derailleur

The best methods of adjusting the rear derailleur

Adjusting your rear derailleur can be tricky. The same problem could have one or more different – but similar – causes. Your derailleur is going to need adjusting if it’s slow to shift up or down, if it changes gear all of its own accord when you’re innocently cycling along or if it rattles and clatters whenever you change gear. This is how you do it. ...

Slave to the rhythm the derailleur


Derailleurs are cunning bits of kit. The way they work is simple: they take advantage of your pedalling action to move the chain smoothly from one sprocket to another. The name comes from the French for ’derail’ (pronounced simply ’de-railer’ or ’de-rail-yer’). ...